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Royal Marine Commando Gallery

The Royal Marines Museum recently opened a new gallery all about the training of a Royal Marine Commando.

The museum had few objects relating to the subject, as it is difficult to represent an assault course in a historic buidling, so we suggested letting the marines themselves tell the story of one of the most arduous military training programmes in the world.

We interviewed serving marines and trainee recruits. The exhibition was designed to cover the minimum of 32 weeks that the training takes, but split into 4 main periods. These were used as talking points during the interviews and enabled us to create the whole of the exhibition narrative from the contents of those interviews.

Edited with new and existing footage of training exercises the 32 weeks unfold, via graphics, videos, and audio tracks. There are touch-screen interactive games on specific topics such as camouflage and navigation for children and adults alike to play and learn from.

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