Chirck Castle - Interpretation

Chirk Castle


Chirk Castle was constructed by Roger Mortimer de Chirk in the late 13th century, under instruction from Edward I as part of the King’s chain of fortresses surrounding North Wales.

Chirk Castle Tablet Tour

We were commissioned to create a Tablet Tour for the Howard de Waldon exhibition. A modern interpretation of an early 20th century story, the tour includes additional information and images relating to these rooms whose distinctive decor was influenced by Pugin.

Special Effects

Motivation also added a sound track to an original wireless radio to capture the distinctive sound of the period, further adding to the atmosphere of the setting. Visitors can ‘tune into’ different broadcasts.

Video Magic

Howard de Waldon was a man of many talents and interests. We recreated a home movie using original black and white footage. Which is projected onto a period screen seemingly from a period projector. The projector is actually a modified prop with a hidden video projector.

The launch of the Howard de Walden exhibition at the weekend was nothing less than a total triumph. You contributed something that was valuable, exquisite and produced to the highest quality, (of course), and your efforts created a huge part of the success. Gratifyingly, both the family members and the National Trust team genuinely seemed to appreciate what we had achieved and I felt very proud of us all.

Patricia SinclairSinclair Design Partnership
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