Soane Museum Interpretation

Sir John Soane's Museum

Opening Up the Soane

Sir John Soane’s Museum offers an eclectic collection of objects and art of the influential architect, Sir john Soane – not to mention the unusal architecture of the building itself.

Touchscreen interactive

We were asked to create a touch-table interactive to illustrate the renovation works that had been completed as a central part of the “Opening Up the Soane” project exhibition.

The project involved the restoration and re-creation of areas of the property that had been closed off to the public. This included the hand printing of wallpaper and the rebuilding of Soane’s plumbed indoor bathroom, a rarity in its time.

Learn & Explore

The touch-table featured a menu of topics with a user-friendly interface, to allow visitors to explore and learn about the complex tasks that had been employed to deliver the restoration.

The graphic style followed the colour scheme of the exhibition identity, and matched that of large format graphics on the walls of the room to create a cohesive integration of print and technology.

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