Blenheim Palace Video

Blenheim Palace

The Untold Story

Blenheim Palace is the home of the Dukes of Marlborough. The current incumbent is the 11th in a line stretching back to Sir John Churchill, the 1st Duke, who was given the land to build Blenheim Palace by Queen Anne as a reward for his outstanding military exploits.

The Untold Story Video

Motivation was appointed to produce a new visitor experience entitled “The Untold Story”. This experience was created in rooms hitherto not open to the public. In conjunction with set designers and hardware partners these rooms were transformed into theatrical sets and exhibition spaces, to allow visitors to enjoy the 300 years of history Blenheim has witnessed.

The experience uses a full range of media and techniques. Video re-enactments of actual events were produced. Touch-screen programmes created providing layered information about the architecture of the palace, the Battle of Blenheim, the Dukes and Duchesses and their servants.

Theatrical recreations take place in room sets complete with talking portraits, banging doors, animatronic figures, peppers ghosts, and sound-scapes providing an exciting and informative tour.

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