Podcasts are becoming an increasingly popular medium


They do not need to be expensive to produce, but they do need to be easy to access for users and deliver interesting material.

They should not be too long. However there is no fixed rules about this, in terms of what works and what doesn’t. It really depends on the content and how interesting it is.

Too much detail can simply turn listeners off, not enough can leave them frustrated, but better that and they look for more information elsewhere on your websites) than being bored.

As a rule of thumb… a maximum of 20 minutes should be considered. There is no minimum and to begin with we would suggest that they are kept far shorter.  A quick guide for length of script is that at a comfortable listening pace 125 words per minute is usual. This does not take account of any sound effects or other pauses that may improve the listening pleasure. Remember in listening to something rather than seeing it, humans create their own pictures. If a description is being made, greater time should be given for listener to be able to create this picture in the minds’ eye.

Multiple voices need introductions – it is always good to know to whom we are listening. There should also be an introduction to the piece that summarises what the podcast is talking about. You should consider planning the creation of a series rather than simply one-offs. This can, over time, prompt repeat listening by some and means that more than one podcast could be recorded at a time, which means greater value for money in the production process, whether that is entirely in-house or recorded by us. A good frequency would be one per month, but this is not the only option. They could be bi-monthly, or quarterly, but probably anything less frequent than that loses momentum.

When making a recording try to remember two things:

  1. When speaking, smile! It’s amazing the difference it makes to your voice and how it is received by the listener.
  2. And… be enthusiastic.

A “dead-pan” read will be unengaging and listeners are likely to switch off, both psychologically and physically!! It’s why voice-over artists exist; it’s not as easy as you think. Remember too, that while you think what you are saying is really interesting, your listeners may not be so enthusiastic. However, at the beginning of a podcast, is when they are most receptive, so this must, must, must be well created and capture attention.

It’s similar to the threshold experience of an actual museum visit – you only have one shot at the first impression.

This assumes that you will create them yourselves; obviously we can do it for you at exceptionally competitive rates!! 

To make it simple we have created 3 different packages from which a specific option can be created.

1) Delivery only:

Here you create your own recording and we simply manage the techncial end, advise on the best mode of delivery for your audience, and implement that for you.

2) Record and deliver:

This option includes us recording the content for you, editing it and then delivering it on-line.

3) Enhanced Record and deliver:

This option adds to the production value by including sound-effects and music to enhance the engagement with listeners.

Additional services

  • Script writing
  • Professional Voice recording, as opposed to museum staff
  • Podcast management – e.g. episode content suggestions; story creation
  • Traffic Monitoring and Reporting

We have developed an easy to follow guide for creating your own and how we can assist in linking to your existing website and social media activities. Or if they need updating we can do that too.

Contact us on info@motivation81.co.uk or call 020 8398 9509 to find out more