Fast fwd to the Future – multi-camera video shoot

multi-camera video shoot

Rather than the usual pleasure of looking at the past, we took a glimpse towards the fast-approaching future instead!!

multi-camera video shoot

Slightly outside of our normal sphere, Adrian was asked by Magic Beans Media to direct a multi-camera video shoot about driverless cars. 

And the future it seems is nearer than we think with the possibility of some cars driving themselves on motorways in 2021.

TV science and technology presenter Dallas Campbell was chosen to act as a Guinea-pig driver – whilst asking questions of a representative from car safety and security experts Thatcham Research.

On the road

The shoot involved filming multiple camera angles from inside and outside the car – at one point with one of the cameramen hanging out of the back of the “camera car” strapped in by a harness, to get some dramatic head-on shots of the test vehicle. And of course, overhead drone shots tracking the car around the circuit.

Driverless cars are getting smarter!

Filmed on location on a test track near Nuneaton, the main purpose was to show how driverless cars can now safely find a stopping place, should the human driver fail to take back control when asked to do so.

The crash scene

Of course, we had to show what might happen if the car didn’t do that – with a dramatic crash scene being shot as a van careered into the back of a dummy car. Cameras were mounted onto the dummy vehicle to capture the moment of impact. In the process bits flew everywhere, sacrificing one of the Go-Pros for the sake of a great shot!

All in all a great 2 days’ filming and an interesting journey into the future.

More than likely the next shoot will take us back to the past!!!