Penshurst Church Interpretation


We recently completed a project for the historic Church of St. John the Baptist, Penshurst.

Our role was to create interpretation that was in keeping with the tone of Penshurst church and was easy to remove and store when, as a working Church, services and functions take place.

Project Synopsis

The Church of St. John the Baptist, Penshurst gets more visitors than other similar churches for three reasons.

  • It lies adjacent to Penshurst Place, a vast Tudor Mansion with a history all of its own and secondly because this church houses some very interesting and historic features. For instance, it is one of the very few sites in the country with a Dole Table.
  • It was first built in the 13th century and has been modified throughout its history leading to many architectural features.
  • It has connections with politicians, artists, the military and the Sydney family who owned Penshurst Place.

All of these items were designed and created with a continuous graphic style and used in isolation or combination proved visitors with many interesting historical details.

Penshurst Church

All of these aspects formed themes for our interpretation. As visitors wander around the Church, the graphics panels give them information about aspects and features of the Church relating to that theme. The pieces of information have references to their location in the Church, the page in the Guide Book which provides more information and QR Codes to access online information.

The suite of interpretation includes, internal graphics panels – complete with QR Codes, external signage, a brand new web-site, which operates both at Parish level and for visitors.

The exhibition video looks great and we have had really good feedback from visitors”

Victoria Tremblemajor exhibitions’ project manager