Bursledon Windmill

Bursledon Windmill

An interesting brief, this one!

“We’d like a film about Bursledon Windmill, but you won’t actually be able to film the mill as its undergoing conservation and we don’t really have any pictures of it either.”


Project Synopsis

An existing (but rather tired looking) film did exist which explained how the mill worked – as the curator rather eloquently put it, “what cogs do what”!! but the main focus of a visit was then to take a guided tour and be shown by the miller, exactly that – how the mill worked, what cogs did what.

We thought it might be more interesting to provide a brief history of the mill before visitors took the tour, providing a more rounded visit.

With the lack of visual material available we devised a concept based around its longest serving tenant, a lady by the name of Phoebe Langtree. Aspects of her life resonate with working women today and the idea was to allow her character to easily engage with viewers so they would allow themselves to be drawn into the history with her.

Our client has described the result as being “…a fantastic film…” broadcast quality and artistic.

Phoebe would be proud of us!!